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Hear show Seventy Eight (8/9/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Johnny Max and The Queen from Texas BIG Beer Brewery in from Buna, Texas. Our music quest is the talented Chad Ware.
Hear show Seventy Seven (8/2/14) Now
It was a Happy Mead Day! Happy Mead Day! Bruce Leslie from Griffin Mead brought some excellent meads. Andy Adams from The Corkscrew came by as well but we were drinking and forgot to take pictures. We watched Dale Watson perform live and made him our music guest for the week!
Hear show Seventy Six (7/26/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Dave Fougeron from Southern Star Brewing Company with some Taproom only beers and our music guest is Me,the Hero?
Hear show Seventy Five (7/19/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Josh Haley and Caleb Wilson from Texian Brewing Co. They have some great things going on over in Richmond. The music guests are a great band called Muddy Belle...
Hear show Seventy Four (7/12/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Aaron Corsi and Alex Vassilakidis from 8th Wonder Brewery. Find out what they have been up to lately. Our music guests on this show are none other than Def Perception!
Hear show Seventy Three (7/5/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Mark Dell'Osso from Galveston Island Brewing to find out what Galvestons newest brewery has to offer. Our music guest is Grifters & Shills (Be Wary of your Pocketbook)!
Hear show Seventy Two (6/28/14) Now
Beer Logic Chad Pilbeam and I talk to John Bird from World of Beer, also we talk to Josh Stewart, Beer Podcaster from InterBrews. Our music guest Colonial Blue won the Battle of the Bands at Fitzgerald's Houston on May 25!
Hear show Seventy One (6/21/14) Now
Chad Pilbeam from Beer Logic is filling in for Jon while he is on vacation. We talk to Ryan Rhodes and John Hearn to give us the lowdown on Texas Beer Refinery, their beers and whats keeping them so busy. Also Kings Biergarten & Restaurant Hans and Philipp Sitter are in the studio talking about the second Annual Bierfest and the activities they have planned!!
Hear show Seventy (6/14/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Johnny Neiss from Warlocks Games and Beer. Also Homebrewer Matthew Hommel brings in some Texas Persimmon Ale!
Hear show Sixty Nine (6/7/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Dean and Adrienne Brundage from The New Republic Brewing Company in College Station. Music guest is CulverHouse!
Hear show Sixty Eight (5/31/14) Now
Jon and I talk Lenny Ambrose from Saint Arnold Brewing Company about their 20 year anniversary party and music guest is Second Lovers!
Hear show Sixty Seven (5/24/14) Now
Jon and I talk Peter Halliday from Dark Star Brewing Co. in West Sussex UK. Also Rob Dauphin and Mathis Hale are in the studio talking about the Houston Beer Fest and our music guest is Craig Kinsey!
Hear show Sixty Six (5/17/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Gretchen and Dan Bass from Big Thicket Distilling Co. We also catch up with Chad Pilbeam and find out that Beer Logic's is Thriving! Our music guest is Silver Blueberry!
Hear show Sixty Five (5/10/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Dustin Cherry from Moa Brewing Co about some of the great things they are doing! Leslie Ross and Frank Krockenberger from Saint Arnold stop by with some homemade syrups to add to Boiler Room Berliner Weisse and our music guest is The Bigsbys!
Hear show Sixty Four (5/4/14) Now
Jon and I are live from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company taking questions from the audience with Rassul Zarinfar! Also Playing for the crowd is The Journey Agents!
Hear show Sixty Three (4/26/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Carl Norberg from Fort Bend Brewing Company. They have two new beer releases to talk about. Mark Lacy from Houston International Festival (best nonbeer festival in Houston even though they have beer) is coming in to tell us about it and music guest is This Time I Brought Bombs!
Hear show Sixty Two (4/19/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Jesus Martinez from Republic National Distributing Co. We talk about and drink Herradura Tequila in the studio. Then we go on location with Michael Sammons and Adele Corrigan at 13 Celsius. Mike & Adele are up for Best Sommelier in the CultureMap Houston TX Tastemaker Awards! Our music guest is Another Run!
Hear show Sixty One (4/12/14) Now
Jon and I talk to brewer Brian Taylor and Educator/Author Christina Perozzi from Goose Island Beer Co. We also talk to Krystal Peay from Sugarland Wine and Food Affair and the music guest this week is The Wheel Workers.
Hear show Sixty (4/5/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Executive Chef Ryan Savoie from Saint Arnold Brewing Company about eating more with an expanded menu. Beer is good for you and we will tell you why and our music guest (drum roll please)... The Mighty Orq!
Hear show Fifty Nine (3/29/14) Now
Jon and I go out to The Pastry War and talk to Alba Huerta about Mezcal, and one of the best margaritas in in Houston that I have ever tasted (seriously!)! We also talk to David Loesch & Nick Schrader from the Katy Wild West Brew Fest. Interesting fact: All (not just some) of the proceeds go to the charities they support! If that's not a worth while endeavor then I don't know one! All you have to do is go out and drink beer, Just saying! Then we talk to Staci Stoller and Eric Chow about the Spring Swing Charity Golf Tournament. And if that wasn't enough, Our Music guest this week is Vessel!
Hear show Fifty Eight (3/22/14) Now
We venture into a new realm with fermented teas. That's right, you may have heard of this pro-biotic tea called Kombucha, well we have Robert Lopez from Kickin' Kombucha in the studio! Also we talk to Jesse Soto, Shannon Parker, & Heather Hamilton from Brewheart Apparel about the great products they sell. Our Music Guest is none other than Fox & Cats!
Hear show Fifty Seven (3/15/14) Now
Jon and I talk to Troy and Danny from Brews Crews and find out about what they are up to. We talk about The Cause and The Effect beer release from Brazos Valley Brewing Company. Our music guest is none other than Nick Greer & The G's!
Hear show Fifty Six (3/8/14) Now
Jon and I stop by Voodoo Queen and take some jello shots with Brandon Young. David Graham from Karbach Brewing Co. stops by to talk about beer of all things. Music guest will be Bloodsucking Fiends!
Hear show Fifty Five (3/1/14) Now
We spend some time talking to Doug Odell from Odell Brewing Company to find out why it took so long for his beer to get here to Texas. Our Music guest will close us out on a good hard note! Thats right the guys from Aramite will be our music guest!
Hear show Fifty Four(2/22/14) Now
We talk to City Acre Brewing Co. Founder Matt Schlabach about the March 1st event at Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company. Then we go on location to a hidden gem called Underdogs Sports Pub and talk to Dustin Evans. We have some great beers, Infused Liquors (My favorite I think was the Peach Cobbler) and talk about events there. Our music guest played for us at our Anniversary Party, Andrew Karnavas and Daniel De Luna from Runaway Sun!
Hear show Fifty Three(2/15/14) Now
We talk with Dave Fougeron from Southern Star Brewing Company about the Drink of Ages Anniversary party and what they have been doing lately. We go on location to a great place out in NW Houston called The Backyard Grill and talk with Mark McShaffry, and John Homrighausen about food and their Beer Selection along with Beer Fridays! Our Music Guest will be Uncle Shine (Ronnie Walker)!
Hear show Fifty Two(2/8/14) Now
From Cottonwood and the 1836 Fest James Brown and Charles Bishop. Also we speak with Rassul Zarinfar from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company who eats crow publicly on the radio with us. Also our music guest is Celestial Centerfold!
Hear show Fifty One(2/1/14) Now
Jon and Preston eat habanero peppers with Mike Sammons and Shafer Hall from Mongoose Versus Cobra. Dean Brundage from The New Republic Brewing Company is making some awesome beer. Kevin Anthony is our music Guest!
Hear show number Fifty(1/25/14) Now
From Brazos Valley Brewing Company Nelson Pena and Richard Bonds stop by to tell us whats going on with the brewery. Executive Chef Shane Miller tells us how to cook with beer and our music guest is the fantastic Sheila Marshall!
Hear show number Forty Nine(1/18/14) Now
From Goliad Brewing Company, Mark Nichols and Stefan Zurikowski tell us about whats going on with one of the newest brewerys in the area. Stephen Nancarrow tells us about waht Let's Talk About Craft Beer is all about, and our music guest is Little Outfit!
Hear show number Forty Eight(1/11/14) Now
We stop by Texian Brewing Co. and talk to Josh Haley and Caleb Wilson about exciting things happening there. Jim Elliot from Cedar Creek Brewery tells us about his GABF Gold Medal winner Dubbel and our music guest is The Beans.
Hear show number Forty Seven(1/4/14) Now
Houston DWI Attorney Tyler Flood is in the studio talking about your rights. We play our interview with Shakti Baum from Cedar Creek Bar & Grill and our music guest is Ryan James!
Hear show number Forty Six(12/28/13) Now
Well 2013 is in the books, for our last show of the year, we will be talking with Ben Fullelove about Brash Brewing Company opening up in Houston, Also we have A Homebrew Roundtable with Adam Mathews from Backyard Home Brewers, James Carlyle from Texas Homebrewers and winner of No Label's Pro-Am, from Rogue Brewers Coalition Homebrew club the President, Chris O'Neal along with our friends Jered Montgomery and George Sorensen. Our music guest is Knights of the Fire Kingdom!
Hear show number Forty Five(12/21/13) Now
, its a Christmas Show! This week we are getting whiskey bent! From Yellow Rose Distilling Troy Smith and Ryan Baird are back in the studio. We stop by Cedar Creek Bar & Grill and talk to Shakti Baum in the backyard, and our music guest will be The Tontons.
Hear show number Forty Four(12/14/13) Now
with our guests Kevin Floyd, owner of The Hay Merchant and the executive Chef from Underbelly Chris Shepherd and We Were Wolves is back in the studio talking about their CD Release
Hear show number Forty Three(12/7/13) Now
with our guests Aaron Corsi talks about the good things happening at 8th Wonder Brewery. Cameron and Haley Cooper talk about custom bottle caps and bottlemark.com and our music guest is Bayou City Kids!
Hear show number Forty Two(11/30/13) Now
with our guests in Alvin to talk to Henry Dillman and Jay Peek at Gordon Street Tavern. Ronnie Crocker is in the studio with us teaching us more about Houston beer with his book Houston Beer: A Heady History of Brewing in the Bayou City. Music guest is singer songwriter Charles Peters!
Hear show number Forty One(11/23/13) Now
with our guests Craig Mycoskie from Rahr and Sons Brewing Company, also we stopped by Rudyard's British Pub and grabbed a pint with Executive Chef Joe Apa and our music guest is Folk Family Revival!
Hear show number Forty(11/16/13) Now
with our guests coming all the way from the lovely Fort Collins, Colorado Tamar Banner, brewer at New Belgium Brewing Company is in the studio with us, along with Channing Herrin from Nobi Public House, and our Music Guest is none other than Junior Gordon from the Junior Gordon Band!
Hear show number Thirty Nine(11/9/13) Now
with our guest Joey Williams to talk about the Colaboration with Buffalo Bayou and the beer known as "Sick in the Head", We will also have the owner of Rahr and Sons in the studio Fritz Rahr, and the music guest will be Featherface!
Hear show number Thirty eight(11/2/13) Now
with our guests Alan Ward and Brad Rogers from Brigadoon Brewery & Brew School. Drink of Ages is on location at Cottonwood Houston talking to Charles Bishop and Executive chef Daniel Ajtai, and our music guest is The Suffers!
Hear show number Thirty Seven(10/26/13) Now
with our guests Rassul Zarinfar from Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company . Chance Kenda from Growlers-Montrose will be with us talking about pumpkin beers! Happy National Pumpkin Day and our music will be Punk Rock Project, and Daze N Days!
Hear show number Thirty Six(10/19/13) Now
with our guests Matt Thrall from Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder, Colorado will be Talking about the brewery, Ryan Savoie Executive Chef from Saint Arnold Brewing Co. talking about food pairings and the restaurant at the brewery and our music guest is Shotgun Funeral!
Hear show number Thirty Five(10/12/13) Now
If you couldn't make it out to Denver for the GABF, we'll bring it to you! That's right, straight to you from Denver, Colorado! We'll have a little bit of GABF history, along with interviews: "The Gubna" himself, Chris Katchis of Oskar Blues Brewing Co., Thomas Larsen the Head Brewer at SKA Brewing Co., Bryan Winslow from Austin Beer Works, Justin Patricoff from Wahl Clipper Corp, and Texian Brewing Company's Caleb Wilson and Josh Haley. All that, and more beer than you can drink on the internet! You don't want to miss it!
Hear show number Thirty Four(10/5/13) Now
With our guest from Railean Distillery in San Leon Texas, Kelly Railean. Also Lauren Thorpe from Pioneer Wine Company will be educating us neophytes about wine. Music guest is Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans!
Hear show number Thirty Three(9/28/13) Now
With our guest Greg Koch, Co-Founder and CEO of Stone Brewing Co. is in the studio. Ben Fullelove from the Most Bitter Bar in America, The Petrol Station will be talking about the Dynasty. Music guest is another great local band Morgue City!
Hear show number Thirty Two(9/21/13) Now
With our guest from the Texas Big Beer Brewery, Johnny Max and The Queen! We will talk with Margaret Weymer about Worhals Midtown that just opened with 103 TAPS! Our music Guest is the fantastic Sheila Marshall!
Hear show number Thirty One(9/14/13) Now
With our guest from Lone Pint Brewery Trevor Brown . Bev Blackwood will be talking about Dixie Cup XXX. Our music guest is Silver Blueberry!