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Links and Guests


Aaron Inkrot - Saint Arnold Brewery

Aaron Corsi - 8th Wonder Brewery
Adreinne Brundage - New Republic Brewing Co.
Alan Ward - Brigadoon Brewery

Alba Huerta - The Pastry War
Alex Garcia - Moon Tower Inn

Alex Vassilakidis - 8th Wonder Brewery

Andrew O'Brien - The Wish Project

Andy Adams - The Corkscrew

Ben Fullelove - The Petrol Station/ Brash Brewery

Bev Blackwood - The Foam Rangers

Blake Niederhofer - Lone Pint Brewery

Brad Rogers - Brigadoon Brewery

Brandon Young - Moontower Inn and Voodoo Queen
Brian Royo - No Label Brewery

Brock Wagner - Saint Arnold Brewery

Bruce Leslie - Griffin Meadery
Bryan Carey - Great Beer Now

Bryan Winslow - Austin Beer Works

Caleb Wilson - Texian Brewing Co.

Cameron and Haley Cooper -

Carl Norberg - Fort Bend Brewing Co.

Chad Pilbeam - Beer Logic

Chance Kenda - Growlers Beer and Wine to go

Channing Herrin - Nobi Public House

Charles Bishop - Cottonwood and Liberty Station

"The Gubna" himself, Chris Katechis - Oskar Blues Brewing Co.

Chris Shepherd - Executive Chef at Underbelly

Chris Whitmeyer - Whitmeyer's Distilling

Christina Perrozi - Goose Island Brewing Co.
Christine Cellis - Celis Brewery

Chris Cusack - D&T Drive Inn

Clay Wicker - Cycler's Brewing Co.

Craig Mycoskie - Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.

Dan Bass - Big Thicket Distilling Co.
Daniel Ajtai - Executive Chef at Cottonwood

Dave Fougeron - Southern Star Brewery

Dave Ohmer - Whole Foods Brewing Co.

David Graham - Karbach Brewing Company

Darla Guillen - Writer

David Walker - Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

Dean Brundage - New Republic Brewery
Doug Odell - Odell Brewing Co.
Dustin Cherry - Moa Brewing Co.
Erica Sipple - Growlers Beer and Wine to go!

Eric Warner - Karbach Brewing Company

Gary Glass - American Homebrewers Association

Greg Koch - Co-Founder and CEO of Stone Brewing Co.

Gretchen Bass - Big Thicket Distilling Co.
Haley Ray - Houston Dairymaids

Heather Bolla - Lone Pint Brewery

Henry Dillman - Gordon Street Tavern

Ivan Silva - Growlers Beer and Wine to go!

Jake Morrow - Resignation Brewing Co.

Jake Schiffer - Leprechaun Cider Co.

James Cunningham - Brews Brothers Galveston

James McDonald - Moon Tower Inn

Jay Peek - Executive Chef at Gordon Street Tavern

Jeff Hamm - Southern Star Brewery

Jennifer Royo - No Label Brewery

Jim Elliot - Cedar Creek Brewery

Executive Chef Joe Apa - Rudyard's British Pub

Joey Williams - Collaboration with Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

John Anderson - No Label Brewing

John Ennis - Galactic Coast Brewing Company

John McGroarty - Karbach Brewing Company

Johnny Max & the Queen - Texas Big Beer Brewery

Jon Airheart - Rogness Brewing Co.

Jon Odem - Enchanted Manor Meadery

Johnny Neiss - Warlocks Games and Beer
Josh Fuller - Josh Fuller Band

Josh Haley - Texian Brewing Co.

Josh Justice - Freelance Beer Blogger for the Houston Press

Justin Patricoff - Wahl Clipper Corp.

Justin Strait - Brews Brothers Galveston

Kelly Railean - Railean Distillery

Kevin Floyd - The Hay Merchant

Lauren Thorpe - Pioneer Wine Company

Lennie Ambrose - Saint Arnold Brewing Co.
Leslie Ross

Leslie Sprague - Open The Taps

Manny Lopez - El Cubano Cigars

Margaret Weymer - Warhals Midtown

Mark Cleveland - Wasatch Brewery Squatters Brewery

Mark Del'Osso - Galveston Island Brewing Co.

Mark Nichols - Goliad Brewing Co.

Matt Greer - Moon Tower Inn

Matt Schlabach - City Acre Brew Pub
Matt Thrall - Avery Brewing Co.

Mike Sammons - Mongoose vs Cobra
Miranda Knerr - Deep South Barrels

Neil Dorfman - Texas Beer Bus

Nelson Pena - Brazos Valley Brewing Co.
Pat Killoran - Resignation Brewery

Patrick Wann - Houson Summer Brew off

Peter Halliday - Dark Star Brewing Co.
Rassul Zarinfar - Buffalo Bayou Brewing

Richard Bonds - Brazos Valley Brewing Co.
Rob Dauphin - Houston Beer Festival

Ronnie Crocker - Beer,TX Blog

Ryan Baird - Yellow Rose Distillery

Ryan Jezierski - Karbach Brewing Company

Ryan Savoie - Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

Ryan Soroka - 8th Wonder Brewery

Ryan Surber - My Charity Life

Ryan Thauburn - Darwin's Theory

Sam Wright - Southern Star Brewery

Scott Crawford - Beer

Scott Metzger - Freetail Brewing Co.

Shaffer Hall - Mongoose vs Cobra
Shakti Baum - Cedar and Onion Creek

Shane Welch - Sixpoint Brewery

Stefan Zurikowski - Goliad Brewing Co.
Steve Cook - Red Brick Tavern

Tamar Banner - New Belgium Brewing Co.

Tim Hudson - Houston Beer Festival

Thomas Larsen - Head Brewer at SKA Brewing Co.

Travis Whitmeyer - Whitmeyer's Distilling

Trevor Brown - Lone Pint Brewery

Troy Smith - Yellow Rose Distillery

Troy Witherspoon - Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Ty & Sharon Coburn - Fort Bend Brewing Co.

Tyler Flood - Houston DWI Attorney

Vince Mandeville - Brash Brewing Co.

Wesley Whitmeyer - Whitmeyer's Distilling



Music Guests on the show

Another Run
Bayou City Kids

The Beans

BE Godfrey


Blood Sucking Fiends
Born Again Virgins

Brothers Grymn

Celestial Centerfold

Chad Ware
Charles Peters

Chase Hamblin and the Roustabouts

Chris Hardy

Cody Jinks

Cody Joe Tillman

Colonial Blue
Corey Kane


Craig Kinsey
Dale Watson
Days N Daze

Dead Rabbits

Def Perception
DR (Formally known as Dimitri's Rail)


Fighting Gemini

Flogging Molly

Flying Fish Sailors

Folk Family Revival

Fox and Cats
Fox Parlor

Grant Harrison
Grifters and Shills


Jackson Taylor and The Sinners

Jeffrey Broussard and the Creole Cowboys

Josh Fuller Dirt and Diesel

Junior Gordon

Justin van Sant

Kevin Anthony

Knights of the Fire Kingdom

Little Outfit

Mark Jones & Twenty Paces

Me, the Hero?
Morgue City

Muddy Belle
Nick Greer and the G's
Nick Verzosa

Poor Dumb Bastards

Punk Rock Project

Ragged Hearts
Right To Refuse


Robert Kuhn

Rooster and the Cheesburger
Runaway Sun
Ryan James

Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans

Sara Johnson

Second Lovers
Sheila Marshall

Shotgun Funeral

Sidney Jane
Silver Blueberry

The Bigsbys

The Grizzly Band

The Mighty Orq
The Journey Agents

The Powell Brothers

The Suffers

The Weeds
The Tontons

The Wheel Workers
This Time I Brought Bombs!
Uncle Shine

We Were Wolves

Wheeler Brothers

Yello Echo

Zach Emery Band

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